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Physio - Pilates Studio

Getting you to be the healthiest - strongest you have ever been 

Studio Group Class Timetable 

The 2 levels are

Conditioning: Beginner level or recovering from injury

Sports: Intermediate / advanced level 

Group Classes are for 3-4 people.

The cost for each class is £40.

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Why we love Reformer Pilates

The best exercise regime that I’ve found is the Pilates reformer. As Physios, we love Pilates for a reason. Core activation is fired up during all the exercises, all the muscles of the body get a thorough workout, the stretches you can do are so deep that real change can be made.
When muscles are weak and tight, there’s honestly no better way to make true, meaningful changes to your body. Pushing just out of your comfort zone to ensure healthy performance of exercise that is progressive and reaches your goals. Changes you can see and feel.
No other regime is comparable. 

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Head to toe core strength, mobility + flexibility 

A leaner, stronger body

Functional Training

Resolve aches + pains 

Highly recommended for those completing Boot Camp

Today's MUST-DO exercise class


Our classes 
Combining exercise and medicine


Conditioning Group (Beginner) 

Suitable if specific parts of the body are an issue or injured. You’re looking to improve this area with strengthening and stretching. You may be using this class in conjunction with Physiotherapy treatment and there will be a thorough handover between therapist and instructor. This class is also ideal if you have completed the Boot Camp 


An invigorating, faster paced workout class. This will increase your heart rate to provide an intense cardiovascular workout. Muscles will be fully strengthened and deeply stretched to reach your goal. This class is ideal if you have completed the Boot Camp / Beginners Group 


Private (1:1)

The private Physio-Pilates class  is run by an injury specialist so that all the right muscles are isolated and strengthened. You will be given deep stretching to do to assist the activation of correct muscles. This is also useful if you have completed the boot Camp and want to maintain your progress on a 1:1 basis

Sports Group


Traditional Pilates
Private 1:1 or 1:2

Traditional Pilates class its run by a Pilates instructor and will exercise you using the system of conventional Pilates. As the class is just for you, the exercises are designed around you. You can let us know prior to attending if you prefer a beginners or intermediate/advanced class


On-line Group

Join us for our on-line classes. 
We will cover stretching, strengthening for the core, gluts & shoulders, postural exercises. 
Choose from doing
10 mins - daily flexibility
20 mins - flexibility and core
60 mins - head to toe thorough workout

How to book

Click                    Book Now
Select                  'Group Pilates"
Select                  'Beginner'

Check - Email booking received
On the day - Come along to your class, bring socks to wear and comfortable clothes 

For private traditional Pilates classes, please contact us with your desired day and time. 
We will confirm this with the instructor. 
If you would like to attend regularly, please let us know in advance, your suitable day and time and we can ensure that your class time is always available. 

The Reformer explained...

Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 13.59.51.png
"This is a bed that you lie, sit or stand on that has a ‘carriage’ that slides and glides. You control the movement with either your legs or your arms or both. There are different spring colours attached to the bed which are of varying resistance to ease or progress exercises

Whilst you are sliding and gliding, your core muscles are being worked, the whole time. Eventually leading to an entire body workout 

If you’re new to reformer just try a beginner class and start with us soon. Hoping you’ll love it as much as we do "

Longer, taller, more open posture

Stretch out and enjoy your new posture. Eradicate that compressed feeling

Activate and strengthen

Find muscles that you didn't know you had and give them life  - needed to hold you together and will make you into the healthiest-strongest you've ever been 

Reduces stress levels 

Reduce the build up of adrenaline and cortisol through giving your body a thorough workout 

Long term health and resilience

Future-proof your body by building a structure that is fully supported against wear and tear. Powerful enough to prevent injury and make you move with ease 

See our moves

What Our Clients Say


Karen Ciclitira

Hazel is the most extraordinary physiotherapist. Her skill is exceptional - she is a warm and caring therapist. Hazel has helped all of my family with various injuries. I have a young daughter who is hyper-mobile so she easily injures herself. Hazel has been brilliant with her helping her with exercises and treatment. My previous experiences with physiotherapists has been very different. Hazel has amazing skill and talent and is able to quickly diagnose issues and treat them brilliantly
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